general dentistry

Dental Exams/ Oral Hygiene

Prevention is our primary focus here at Warralily Family Dental. Through ongoing education, care and consultation we will work together with you to deliver an effective and efficient routine at home along with regular 6 to 12 monthly check ups, to help keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Your check-up appointment includes a full teeth and soft tissue examination, oral cancer screening, x-rays to check in between your teeth and under any possible previous fillings, as well as a thorough clean and fluoride treatment.


At Warralily Family dental you will be pleased to hear we only use high quality white coloured materials to replace any fillings or to fill any holes (cavities).

A filling will correct your tooths structure due to decay or wear as well as a chipped tooth. Fillings restore the form, function and integrity of missing tooth structure.

Root Canal Therapy

Our dentists will always strive to save a tooth, where possible, rather than extract it.

Root canal therapy is needed when decay has reached the nerve of the tooth and a simple filling can not be done. It is done over 3 visits and involves removing the infected nerve and cleaning the tooths canal with an antibacterial preparation. We then place a temporary filling until a permanent filling or crown is placed.

All of which is done under a local anaesthetic.


We will only remove your tooth if there is no other option available or suitable to save that tooth.

Some reasons why we would need to extract a tooth include-

An extraction involves numbing the tooth with local anaesthetic, the same thing we would do for a simple filling. There is no pain involved in removing the tooth, just some slight pressure.

Wisdom Teeth

Your wisdom teeth may need to be removed if there is not enough space in your mouth for them to come through and they become “impacted” and cause pain. 

Upon your consultation appointment we would do a visual examination and determine if we need an OPG which is a large mouth x-ray done at a local imaging centre. 

Once we can visually see the wisdom teeth and their roots through the OPG we will be able to inform you if it is a simple extraction that can be done here in the chair with local aesthetic, or if we need to refer you to our specialist.

Our specials Dr Nu Dastaran consults from our surgery once a month and will discuss your options whether to have your wisdom teeth removed here at our surgery under a local aesthetic or under a general anaesthetic in hospital.