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Committed to quality dental care for the community

We accept all Health Funds.

Don’t miss out on your benefits this year! Prevention is key to avoid decay and other oral health issues.

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Our Dental Partner
Welcome to Warralily Family Dental Practice

Dental Clinic in Geelong

Our Family Friendly Dental Clinic Team is experienced in providing dental care to all ages. You are in good hands with our caring team who take the time to listen and understand your dental needs and concerns. From there , Dr Nim or Dr Rachael will tailor a specific dental treatment plan to suite your current circumstance.

Our Promise

  • Provide excellent patient service

  • Provide a clean, safe and caring environment

  • Advise on your personal dental needs with open, informed professionalism

  • Use modern technology to perform safe, quality based dental service

  • Respect your time by being as punctual as possible for your appointment

  • Strive to keep you positive and completely satisfied with our service

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Our Oral Health Care Services

Routine Check Ups

We provide comprehensive oral exams and general check ups to ensure dental health.

Dental Hygiene

Advice and tips to aid our clients in achieving great dental hygiene. We demonstrate proper tooth brushing, flossing and other maintenance techniques.


Quality fillings to repair damage or decay.

Crown, Bridge & Dentures

Cosmetic dentistry to suit each client’s needs.

Please call us if you are experiencing pain. We will asses your pain and treat accordingly.

Teeth Whitening

For a brighter, whiter smile without the wait. We offer an in-chair, chemically activated whitening treatment that shows results in less than an hour.

We also have other take home teeth whitening options.

Child Check Ups

Not sure when to start bringing your child to the dentist? We offer exams to children ages 1 and up. A child’s first visit to the dentist is more to introduce them to the setting, the different instruments as well as the dental chair. Only once they are comfortable the dentist can take a quick peek at their teeth.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment could restore the health of your tooth when blood vessels, nerves and other tissues (known as tooth pulp) become infected or contaminated by decay.

Our Dentists
Dr Nim

Dr. Nirmala " Nim" Masole

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